Be Backpack Smart!

backpack pain

As the summer nears to a close, students begin to prepare for the coming school year. Make sure that the students in your life choose the right backpack and use it correctly!

Backpacks that are overloaded or carried improperly can cause back, shoulder and neck pain. Many students sling their packs over one shoulder, leading to postural imbalances. To counteract the weight in a backpack, students often lean forward or hunch their shoulders. This puts extra stress on the spine and shoulders and contributes to poor posture and fatigue.

When shopping for a backpack, be sure to select one that is the proper size. Look for backpacks made of lightweight materials featuring wide padded shoulder straps and a padded back. A backpack with a waist strap and multiple compartments can help distribute weight more evenly.

Once your student has chosen their backpack, be sure to encourage them to use it correctly.

  • Adjust the backpack to sit correctly on the back
  • Use both shoulder straps and the waist belt
  • Load heavier items closest to the back
  • Stay organized! Don’t carry unnecessary items

Choosing the best backpack and carrying it correctly can help keep students pain free!


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